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Immigration Psychological Evaluations

Sasha Gaston
Sasha Gaston
Ryan does great work and is very personable!
nancy smith
nancy smith
Excellent and professional.
eleciane santos
eleciane santos
I’m very happy and with the doctor is a very good and I start my treatment with him. I was very very depressed. I feel the difference in the beginning and now I’m a way fairy good very happy right now I super recommend
Olavo Tolentino
Olavo Tolentino
Great work!
Sheila Danaher
Sheila Danaher
Ryan was my supervisor for 3 years. He's an inspiring and motivating leader and was definitely an instrumental part of my development as a therapist. Ryan is able to develop excellent rapport with clients by balancing empathy with goal and solution focused counseling.
Michele Collins
Michele Collins
Ryan is a very experienced, empathetic, supportive and knowledgeable clinician with a strong sense of ethics. I highly recommend his services.
Brian Breault
Brian Breault
Excellent service !!!! Friendly highly recommended !!! Very caring personnel!!!


Professional psychological evaluations for your immigration cases.

REB Human Services was founded by Ryan E. Bates. Ryan has an ambitious mission to offer affordable and accessible Immigrant Evaluations to clients who are feeling stressed by the process and past traumas.

REB Human Services currently partners with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I over see the field experience of clinicians, nurses, and nurse practitioner students. In the role of preceptor I directly supervise students while providing real world field experience, motivational feedback, and clinical supervision. The learning experience at REB Human services is rich in clinical diversity and full of unique learning opportunities for students and interns.


Detailed and personalized evaluations for your immigration case


What Our Clients Say About Us

I was having trouble with getting my T visa. I was clueless of what to do in order to get my T visa in time. Then a friend of mine who faced a similar problem suggested consulting with the REB Human Services. And then I contacted them and the REB Human Services helped me get my T visa in time without any worries.
Anna Fooler
I was suggested to the REB Human Services by my relative who got great help from REB Human Services. I called the REB Human Services, and they made it possible for me to get my U visa on schedule and without any hassle.
Lana Anders
I am a victim of domestic abuse. My husband had tormented me for years and it was impossible for me to stay with him but I was afraid but then I got to know about the REB Human Services and after contacting them they helped me get out of my toxic husband and live a better life.
Alice Morrison


Psychological Evaluations are usually required for Hardship, Waiver, U-Visa, VAWA, and Asylum Cases.
Your Immigration Attorney will refer you for an evaluation as needed.
The benefits of an Immigration Evaluation are huge. For example, only 30% to 35% of Asylum cases are approved, but cases that include Immigration Evaluations have an almost 90% approval rate.
The best step you can take in seeking asylum in the U.S is to have an Evaluation.

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