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Psychological Immigration Evaluations

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Much under the best of circumstances, the process of migrating and the transfer from one culture to another is sometimes a stressful one. This experience is frequently made even more challenging when the immigrant and members of their family confront extra challenges and anxieties. The process of navigating this system may be quite stressful and cause anxiety.

In addition to offering counseling, REB Human Services is able to help individuals and families throughout the immigration process by conducting Immigration Psychological Evaluations. You have arrived at the proper location if your attorney advised you to get a report from an immigration assessment therapist in order to strengthen your case. REB Human Services has expertise working with people from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and it also has training and experience in performing psychiatric evaluations.

A significant amount of value may be added to the immigration case by conducting a psychological examination, as stated by REB Human Services. Your attorney will be able to effectively use a comprehensive, expert evaluation to support your case and move forward with your immigration proceedings if the evaluation was conducted by a psychologist who is knowledgeable about the factors involved in extreme immigration hardships and the relevant mental health issues. The evaluation should be accompanied by a thorough report. An Immigration Psychological Evaluation is a kind of psychological evaluation that is used to assist immigration courts in determining whether or not a person would be allowed to stay legally in the United States of America. An immigration review always starts with a meeting between you and your attorney, during which your attorney will collect relevant information about your case and the particular legal concerns involved. The immigration examination process itself consists of in-depth interviews that might take anywhere from two to three separate appointments to complete. REB Human Services will ask you questions about yourself and your immigration case throughout the assessment process. These questions will include particular immigration problems, your personal, marital, and family history, your employment history, as well as your medical and mental history as they relate to the case. In certain circumstances, in addition to meeting and speaking with you, it is important and necessary for the REB Human Services to speak with other people who might have information that is pertinent for this evaluation. This evaluation is being conducted to determine whether or not the applicant is eligible for the benefit.

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