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A Brief About Us

During the process we collaborate with your immigration attorney. Our Evaluations can dramatically improve your legal case for Asylum – U-Visa, T-Visa, VAWA, and Extreme Hardship.

REB Human Services was founded by Ryan E. Bates. Ryan Bates has a brilliant mission to offer affordable and fast Immigrant Evaluations to clients who are already feeling stressed by the process and traumas.

Ryan E Bates is an American Psychotherapist, Educator, Human Rights/ Diversity Advocator, and Community Worker, with over 22 years of experience providing services in Mental Health. Ryan Bates started his career at a Non-Profit where he worked in various positions within the same institution, reaching the position of Regional Director.

Ryan has treated a variety of mental health conditions including substance use disorder, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and trauma. Over his career, Ryan has continued education courses that have kept his skill set and knowledge of the field up to date. Ryan  has supervised many staff members and interns throughout his career as well as provided clinical supervision. As a result of this work, Ryan has extensive experience in evaluating individuals, conducting comprehensive assessments, formulating treatment options, and implementing evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Ryan also specializes in providing family interventions as well as acts as a motivational speaker.


Who Is REB Human Services ?

REB Human Services believes in equality, and access for all, and will provide thorough Psychological Evaluations that will help share your narrative. REB Human Services unconditionally respects your history and empathizes with your trauma. We believe that the voices of refugees and immigrants should be heard, their trauma recognized, their rights respected, and their benefit to society appreciated by equal access to a fair process. A large group of these immigrants has a lawful right to stay and seek the chance to make their case. A Clinical Psychological Evaluation is a strong foundation for  increasing the chance of their case being approved. The Immigration Psychological Evaluation Team at REB Human Services seeks to keep families together and implement a status of recovery. You can be assured your recovery is very important to us. 

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